Aroma My Body Treatment

Service: Aroma My Body Treatment
Price: $200

Time: 120mins (2hrs)


Aroma My Body (treatment massage) is used with Doterra essential oil applications and applied to the body & feet, allowing heated sensation to pass through the blood stream. Great for stress, anxiety, depression, suffering from panic attacks, cancer survivors, bi-polar, asthmatic, lymphatic drainage and lots more!

Including....if your comfortable only!

Buttocks Facial ( Fanny/Bootyfacial) is to be treated important too! It is a part of our bodies and a lot of times it tends to be a big problem with skin concerns. Skin conditions like blemishes, blackheads, discoloration, Keratosis pilaris, breakouts, ingrown hairs, Folliculitis, dehydrated, flaky skin, recovering from BBL scarring and so much more not listed...What's involved??Double Cleansing Double Exfoliation pertaining to how servere Extractions (if needed)Customized Mask orChemical Peel (if needed)SerumMoisturizers

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