How To Exfoliate & How Often?

Why write about exfoliating your skin? This is because many people do not know about it, and may not take the time to include this in there skincare routine. However, it is needed if you're trying to achieve a healthy and flawless skin. There are many ways you can accomplish this routine. Here are some steps to follow...

RESEARCH: Look for clean skincare ingredients that have organic, vegan, cruelty free with no parabens. When you seek clean ingredients in your skincare routine, it will help minimize and prevent skin irritations such as allergies or inflammation of the skin. Parabens are synthetic chemicals used to preserve a variety of products such as food and cosmetic products.

SKINCARE PRODUCTS: Take the time to test them out first. A skin patch test should be done on the inside wrist or inside elbow. To test this, apply the product a size of a dime or smaller. Rub the skin until completely absorbed. Then, wait 24 hours as an observation period. If no skin irritation occurs, it should be safe to use this product. If you're still unsure, repeat this process or contact your skincare professional (esthetician) or doctor (dermatologist) for help.

CLEANSER: Wash in circular motions for about 60 seconds twice to help remove dirt, sweat, and makeup off of your skin. Next, rinse your face with tepid water and pat slightly with a fresh clean towel leaving your face slightly damp and ready to start your exfoliation process. 

EXFOLIATION: Apply a dime size quantity of product onto damp face. In a circular motion, scrub with your exfoliant product for about 45-60 seconds (depending on your skin sensitivity) 2-3 times a week. A good exfoliant is one with a natural feel to your face and/or body. You can  purchase my 100% homemade Organic Blueberry or Blueberries of Beets Hand & Body Scrub. After exfoliating, rinse face with cool water to close pores and apply your toners to help bring your skins pH levels into balance. 

SERUM: to boost hydration into the skin.

MOISTURIZER: to seal or lock in moisture.

How often should you exfoliate? We should exfoliate for 45-60 seconds, depending on your skin sensitivity, 2-3 times a week. I personally follow this routine in morning and before bedtime. I encourage you to also follow the process, and you too can achieve better, healthier, and flawless skin. Share this post with your friends or family members and follow me @chriscoversa33. On my next blog we will discuss: "Do we need serums in our skincare routine?" Look out for this one! Thank you.



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    Michelle L (Saturday, 29 August 2020 23:11)

    So true to exfoliate. Tried the professional exfoliation done by the Vegan Esthetician and is �hooked since. Not only did I achieve a glow to my skin after , but started to have less acne over time. The touchable� smoothness to my skin was amazing after just the first treatment. The professional hands �of the Vegan Esthetician provided not only results but that spa comfort �was just so relaxing too. Thanks Chrisco will be back soon�

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    Quay Segarra (Saturday, 29 August 2020 23:13)

    Thank You for such a great and wonderful smelling scrub. I absolutely love it!! My elbows and knees thank you as well. My skin feels so good I could not stop touching it. � I also loooooove your packaging. It is arranged in such a way that truly makes a person feel special. ❣❣ Can’t wait to try more.